Friday, March 02, 2007

We party with towels and knives!!

Ok, I'm doing my first bloggy thing! I am jumping on the bandwagon and doing the 5 minutes for Mom blogging party!

Sure hope I linked the party site properly! Not so great with those html things...

Anyway, if you're stopping by for the party, hello! I consider myself pretty normal, somewhat funny, relaxed, honest, and a bunch of other wonderful qualities (and a bunch of not-so-wonderful qualities that we'll just leave out of this post, kay?).

How exactly do you write a blog for a party, anyway? Shall I just tell you how my morning is going so far?

Well, as I was sitting at the computer, exhausted from having a sleepover in our bed last night (me, Patrick and the boys) I got greeted by the baby holding a sopping wet towel. Hmmm... "Here!" she said. I took it and was so lazy that I just put it in an empty bowl and said thank you. I really didn't want to know where she got it from. (how bad is THAT?) Then, moments later, I hear Justin shriek, "She's on the TABLE!! She's on the TABLE!!" I run in and, sure enough, she's on the table, eating the remnants of Justin's cereal. And next to the bowl? A sharp steak knife. Just give me a heart attack right now, why don't you? So. We are now going to remember to keep the table clean (cleanish, at least). Oh, and the towel was wet cuz she knocked the cat's water bowl over and was apparently wiping it up. Whew. That could have been soooooo much grossser.

Oh, and I wonder: will there ever be a time in my life where I will be able to utter the sentence "Yeah! Let's watch Star Wars! It's been AGES since I've seen any of those movies!"

Not anytime soon....
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