Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I WIN!! I WIN!!!

Yessiree, I WIN!! I win the award for the STUPIDEST mom of the day!!! HOORAY!!!! I have been working really hard at this award, and many have come before me. I have been beaten out by mere technicalities before and by the call of the judges, but today? TODAY I took the cake!!! I am eagerly awaiting my crown.

It was a close call today, almost being beaten out by a mom in Springfield who forgot to put her baby's diaper on before a nap, but I sprang into action this morning with the strong stupidity act of taking my kids to school (on time, too!) on a SNOW DAY!!!

Yes. A snow day.

We pull onto the main road and I am all excited because the roads aren't as bad as I thought and there isn't anyone ahead of me yet. SCORE! It didn't even occur to me what was going on. Not until we pull in front of the school, that is stark staring empty, do I realize that school must be cancelled. But How?!? I always get calls from our school district at about 6 am on days that school is cancelled!! Still not 100% convinced, I drive back home (only a few blocks), go inside (and I'm still warning Justin that school could still be on) and check the voice mail.

Yup. Recorded message from school. The baby had turned off the freakin ringer again!!! So, due to heavy drifting and the forecasted heavy snow for the day, school is off. Great. I am actually not thrilled about it today. Usually, it's fine. But I am just wondering how far into the summer we'll have to go this year to compensate for all of these weather days!! At least I'll have extra help shovelling when Corinne is napping.
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