Monday, December 18, 2006

A little rosier...

New day. New beginnings. Feeling a bit better.

4 days of school till break. I hope Justin really works toward his goal of earning some video games on his first vacation day. PLEASE let this be a "good" week. (It's funny that my definition of a good week is so different from most parents. My definition would be that he only gets into a "little" trouble and tells the truth at least 2 days about it.) So. Lots of possibilities for Justin to have troubles: dress rehearsal for a music recital, the recital 2 times on Wednesday, and a Christmas party at school on Thursday (which I am thankfully able to attend and help at). For most kids, this is a great week! For Justin, it has so much potential for misbehavior.

Evan, I don't worry about. I know he'll be good at school. (at home, well, that's a different story! :) ) And Corinne? Well, she's 1! She's a good baby too (Thank you Lord.)

This weekend, we had such a busy time. Chicago Symphony (fun, but got long for the boys), a limo ride (fun on the way in, but they got so tired on the way home and started fighting), a sleepover at my mom and dad's (Corinne was SO good for them and has become a Papa's girl!), and a special show at a local old-fashioned theater that the boys had a great time at (but Corinne needed to be out as the dark scared her!). Lots of good things but way too many bad. I am dropping the bad as I want to block it out and focus on Christmas and good stuff.

Well, Patrick is home and is getting out of the shower. I have laundry to do and dishes to wash and I need to find the missing piece to a racecar track. Adieu.
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