Monday, July 31, 2006

Scatter brained? Me? Puh-lease.

Just had a moment of memory making tonight. Evan sleeping against my shoulder. He was really getting sweaty, and I wanted to push him away, but I held him a little closer for a moment... Smelled his hair (chlorine and sunshine) and kissed his little shoulder (he likes to sleep in just his shorts, "just like Daddy"). He's growing up so fast. They all are!

(insert violins playing as I weep silently onto my keyboard.)

After being cooped up in the house all day (92 degrees with a heat index of 102. FUN), we headed to our pool for an hour around 5:00. Patrick headed over there with Evan (as Evan had an, um, slight accident in his first pair of swim trunks. "Just a smear, Mommy! I don't hafta go anymore! I promise!") and we all swam our little hearts out. My kids are like fish! Justin has FINALLY mastered the whole floating thing. He GOT it, you know? Like riding a bike. And Evan, with his Speedo floaty, just jumps in all crazy, over and over. Corinne doesn't mind any of the splashing, although she was starting to fall asleep by the end (happens all the time. Can you just IMAGINE sleeping in a loud, splashing pool? Talk about feeling secure in Mommy's arms...) but held out until we got home and into dry jammies.

It was one of those nights... Memory nights. One that I feel I need to really remember, so I'm writing about it! Nothing exceptionally special. We still had to put Evan in time out for splashing too much. Justin still wouldn't get his rear in gear when we had to leave and I got all mad at him. But it didn't matter as much... Something was a little different. Just happier... Who knows! MAybe it'll last.


I know that nothing is forever, so I won't expect miracles. But it's nice to know, that with all of the trying times we go through, there are sweet moments, loving moments, and genuinely happy times. Those make the mundane, repetitive, frustrating ones worth it (most of the time!)

And now, for something totally different...

I need a haircut. Do you know, that it has been over a year since I've had it cut?!? WTF?!? Can you say "Mommy hair?" Ick. I need to chop the ends off. I'm thinking of going back to much shorter again. Hmmm... The excitement of my important decisions is holding you all on the edges of your seats, I can tell.

Well, fine. I'm off to post on all of YOUR blogs. Gimme some good ones, people!
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