Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No complaints here.

I was actually going to come on a bitch and complain about the little things that bothered me today. But then I thought "who wants to hear someone else bitch all the time?" So I decided to come on and talk about some of the things that made me happy today. Bear with me - I'm attempting to bring a little more sunshine into my world...

Ok. Today - DESPITE the stifling heat, I managed to get both little ones to the park on time to meet with other moms. And DESPITE the fact that Evan was whining about wanting to just go home, I didn't lose my cool!! This is truly an astounding feat for me as I do not mix well with humidity and heat. If I have more than a tank top, shorts and sandals on... Oh man. Don't come near me! So, for me to calmly just leave after getting there and not yell like a maniac... Well. I just want to pat myself on the back.

I actually got the Jell-O for the Cub Scouts meeting made and REMEMBERED to bring it tonight!! Again - wow.

Justin said several times (as they all lay on our bed watching a recorded Avatar before bedtime) "I just love playing with Corinne! Aren't babies so much fun?!?" She and Justin were just giggling and PLAYING. It's a cool thing to see your kids' relationships budding and blooming.

Evan cracked us up today. When Patrick got home from work, Evan said, plain as day,
"Hi Daddy! Did you have a nice day at work?" Now, this sounded so damn cute!! He looked at us as we giggled and we said that he was so sweet for asking. He made sure to ask if it's a really nice thing to ask if someone had a nice day.

I don't have to make lunch for Justin for the rest of the school year!!! Halleleujah! He's buying lunches for the rest of the week and then he's out for the year. I am so stoked! The community pool is calling my name!

Ahhhh... I feel pretty content. No major gripes. No major problems. How's about a few more random bits of info about me? (Cuz I'm such an interesting topic) Actually, doing this is good for me. It helps me to really think about who I am, and what I am.

So. Random, random....

I like pink. There. I've admitted it. I've come to terms with it... I never was a girly girl growing up. I liked to wear dresses on occasion, don't get me wrong, but I never would have said I was a princess. But, I have come to realize that I like to be feminine at times. And that I can be a little feminine without losing what I am. I now have a few pink sweatshirts, t-shirts, nightgowns, and dressy shirts. I bought them and told people I had bought them because I needed more laundry to put with Corinne's pink stuff. But the truth be told, I LIKE the way I look when wearing pink! So, I guess I do have a bit of a girly girl in me after all.

I love being in the woods. I wish I had more time to just be in the woods alone. I used to go all the time before kids, but now they're always with me. And if I did manage to get out by myself, I'd be on a timeclock and be thinking about having to "accomplish" something there, instead of just BEING there. I will get back to my solitude of the forest, soon. (But not now. It's too darn hot and humid!)

I'm a roller coaster freak. LOVE 'em. Haven't been on a true ride for a few years now. Been either pregnant, or had a cash flow problem so it's been a while. But this year, my husband and I are taking Justin to a park nearby for the day! Just the three of us! And he is tall enough and loves to ride the crazy rides too, so we are gonna have a blast!

I used to have so many talents... I was an artist, an actress, a writer. I read many, many books. I had a multitude of ideas and ideals. Now, my talents have all gone away. They've died from disuse. I'm sad that I didn't cherish them more. I'm sad that I lost them in the mommy job. But I am trying to find my new talents. I'm trying to find new things that I will equally love that are worth my precious time. I'm enjoying scrapbooking my children's youths. I record the sweet and not-so-sweet moments with not only pictures, but the stories behind the pictures. I hope they will all realize how much love and time went into each book and treasure them as much as I do...

Ok. Long post. If you stuck it out, cool. If not, well, you're not reading this anyway, so phhbbbttt!!!!!
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