Friday, December 13, 2013

Just another Friday

Just curled on the couch, dog on my feet, Evan is reading a Percy Jackson book and Corinne is doing math in her footie jammies. The heater has been pumping out warmth all morning long, fighting a valiant battle against the arctic blast of this December freeze. I wish I could travel back to moments like this. I wish I could see my 8 year old in her pink, animal-print jammies, sporting a crazy bed-head ponytail as she hunches over her math book on the floor and concentrates on her multiplication problems. I wish I could reclaim this moment of sweetness in my 11 year old's life as he reads quietly, instead of his usual, pre-teen habit of perpetually pushing my buttons.

Christmas shopping last night went really well. I found over half of the items on my list, meaning that my second trip on Saturday will only be 2-3 hours of speed shopping, freeing up the evening for a family activity. We haven't had a free weekend night in weeks, and won't have another one in many more weeks to come, so it's important that we do SOMEthing. Maybe another family cooking night?

I hope you all have a healthy and happy weekend. Don't spend more than you have or drive when it's not safe.

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