Thursday, December 12, 2013

All in one fell swoop

December 11th and I have a grand total of 1 present purchased so far.

I'm not in a frenzy over this, especially since none of my kids have asked for anything special. In fact, when we visited Santa at Bass Pro Shops (because FREE PICTURES is how I roll. Also, he's s super nice Santa. Also, Patrick likes to look at the camping gear, over and over, and talk about the bags of freeze-dried bacon and eggs, so I occasionally indulge him), she wrote out a little letter (that I CANNOT FIND and am devastated over!) to Santa and said:

Dear Santa,

This year, I would just like to be surprised for Christmas. Anything that you think I might like would be awesome. Merry Christmas,


While this is sweet and not selfish and all, it kind of makes it difficult to shop; especially when you don't enjoy window shopping. To top it all off, the other two kids didn't have very many "wants" either! I did manage to pull a few from Justin but Evan, at age 11, has been very non-committal about anything I have suggested this year. He's gone so far as to say that he really doesn't need anything this year... AGAIN, super awesome and sweet and not-selfish: AND IMPOSSIBLE TO SHOP FOR.

I think the real issue is that he is not a little kid and not a teenager and doesn't know what to dream of...

So, today, I will spend a few hours in my bed with my laptop and search the internet, looking for interesting ideas, finding good prices, collaborating my coupons, and plotting my crash course in Christmas shopping that will occur in the next few days. I want to get 90% done in one day (100% is pushing it; I usually need to finish the details on a second, shorter trip). I want to go alone, with cash, and a specific list and know my prices and not meander wistfully through the aisles. I don't trust the time I have left to the delivery services, so there shall be no online shopping for me this year.

I definitely need to remember to stop at the liquor store as my last stop.

Now, wish me luck: I'm going Rogue.

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