Sunday, December 15, 2013

Homeschool to High School

When I'm wrong, I am not too proud to admit it.

Justin, I was wrong.

You have made me so incredibly proud, these past few months. You have taken on the responsibilities and pressures that come with attending high school, and you've taken them on with more maturity than I ever imagined. Obviously, there is always room for improvement, but I did NOT envision that you'd be taking the reins of your education this quickly.

When we started homeschooling you, I distinctly remember you declaring that you were "Never going back to school, ever again, EVER" and I took you at your word. You are, quite often, determined about your opinions, so I couldn't foresee the sudden switch that took place in 8th grade. You knew what you wanted and nobody would stop you from achieving your goal of going to high school, not even ME; that's pretty remarkable, especially for a pre-teen. I know this year has NOT been all sunshine and roses for you, with lots of surprises on what school would really be like, and we still argue at times and have wildly differing opinions on what is important/necessary/acceptable, BUT you are dedicated to your education and future in ways that make me marvel. You have become a pretty awesome teenager, with goals and plans of becoming an even more amazing man... Just writing that makes me tear up.

I don't tell you often enough, but I am PROUD of you. So is your dad. So are your grandparents. So are all of us who have watched you struggle through the years. I love you, and honestly don't care all that much about the grades you get this Finals Week because the effort you've invested is worthy of a solid A+ across the board.*

*NOTE, this does NOT give you free license to goof off. STILL STUDY.

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