Monday, December 30, 2013

Out with the Old.

Christmas 2013...

Justin got the best presents ever when he received his new Nintendo 3Ds with the blue and black Pokemon design on the cover.

Evan was super excited that he got a beginner snowboard (even though we no longer have snow and he hasn't had a chance to try it, yet.)

Corinne proved how mature she is for an 8 year old when present after present went wrong for her this year, all because yours truly screwed up lists somewhere and told people to get her the same items. Even worse; 2 of the identical items didn't work! Still, she never really lost her cool so I vow to make the new Christmas PERFECT for her (and I NEVER strive for perfection).

I was continually surprised by Patrick with his thoughtful gifts which included a camera to replace the one that died when something sticky saturated the purse I had it in. In addition to the camera, and several other gifts, he took my wedding ring into the jeweler to get it fixed! This means that I may finally look married when I go out with friends, which may mean that I receive a few less free drinks... ;) Hope it still fits my bony knuckles.

Aside from the gifts, I am happy to say that Christmas was really pleasant. No drama (I hate drama) and no fresh heart ache.

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions (surprise, surprise). I tend to make my lists AFTER something is accomplished and then I can cross it off in one fell swoop. Still, for 2014, I have high hopes to write more often and with more heart. This will sadly mean that I need to cut Facebook time in half as that addiction has gotten way out of hand. We'll see. I'm not feeling well enough today to make any promises to myself, but I sure do hope I manage to produce more substance this next year.

Hope you find yourself in a happy place on the final day of 2013. If not, I hope that your 2014 is phenomenally better and full of love and laughter.

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