Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sometimes, they really amaze me

So, that happened. My kid, in her first meet ever, got a first on vault, a first on bars, a third on beam, 7th on floor and First for ALL AROUND in her level/age group. Did I mention it was her first meet? Do you think that Patrick and I were kind of high for the entire day, riding off of her joy and our pride?

I was all prepped for the post-meet "It's ok that you didn't score in the top places! This is what makes you a better athlete! It's all about having fun and trying your best!" I was not prepared for the opposite to happen. I'm not sure why; she generally amazes me with her abilities and dedication and she really DID do really well at the meet. In fact, her entire team did well (her level got first place as a team, too!).

I think I need to stop underestimating my kids. My heart's intentions are to remind them to enjoy themselves, whether they win or lose. My hopes are that when they DO fall (and they will), that they get back up, over and over, and embrace all of the opportunities they can.

But I think I need to also remind them that they CAN be the winners...That it's possible to be encouraging to others while still striving for their own dreams.

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