Sunday, April 21, 2013

2 Weeks!!

All of a sudden, I find myself at just 2 weeks pre-show date. Somehow, I am getting ready for our final rehearsal this afternoon. As is true with most interesting and exciting events in our lifetimes; when you are enjoying yourself, the days will literally fly by. And though these past few months of planning for Listen To Your Mother Chicago show may not sound like they were chock full of fascinating details and prep-work, they were FUN, which is why I am SHOCKED that it's already 2 WEEKS till show date!

I adore all of the cast! Somehow or other, Melisa and I managed to pick an entire cast of people that I genuinely like... AGAIN! Two years in a row. (Either we have mad people skills, or Chicago is just full of sweethearts? Both choices are ones I am willing to get behind, so take your pick.) Every email and Facebook conversation has been a joy. Rehearsing in person and over Google chats has been full of laughter and bonding; I truly feel as though these women are part of my family now. It's cheesy, but it's true. Listen To Your Mother is a family and no matter how crazy an uncle or aunt may be (you know who I'm talking about here, cast mates. Yeah. It's probably you.), you love them, just the same.
Melisa and I at the very first 2013 LTYM meeting!

I am so glad that we chose a larger venue this year. One of our biggest thrills last year was selling out the theater in just a week. But then it was kind of sad because, well, not everyone who wanted a ticket could come! If we had stayed at the smaller venue this year, we would have been sold out WEEKS ago. Weeks and weeks ago.... Isn't that cool? I am so proud of this. So proud of US. Is that bragging? Are we allowed to talk about individual pride? Is that politically correct? Whether it is or not, I'm going to do it. I'm PROUD of the work that everyone involved has done and is doing to make this year's show fabulous.

Seriously, if you are looking for a Mother's Day gift for someone you love? Consider our show. There are still tickets available (for NOW! Act soon, though), and we are setting up a post-show restaurant party within walking distance of the theater for an after-show dinner. So, this could be a really fun, fairly affordable present for someone special, a group of girlfriends or sisters, or just on your own. 

Listen To Your Mother - Chicago is at 2 pm on May 5th at the Athenaeum Theater on Southport Ave in Chicago.


StephLove said...

Break a leg!

Melisa Wells said...

Yay! I love that picture.

Stacia said...

Good luck! I got the big fat REJECT letter from our LTYM, so I'm kind of cranky about it all. But I'm still awesome, right? And if I lived in Chicago you'd definitely pick me, right?? said...

OMG, Stacia... I know how awesome you are. YOU ARE.
It's hard though. Try again next year. And go see the show because the pieces are amazing when woven together.

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