Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let it Rot, I say...

We watched the remake of "Total Recall" the other night. I have to say, it was a great movie. Much like the first with Schwarzenegger, only more computer graphics and less on the heavy accents.

What I LOVED about the movie (and the first one) was the ending. Because it didn't REALLY end...

I may have mentioned once or twice in the past how much I HATE movies and books without "real endings." And I do. I loathe them. I have enough loose ends in my Real Life; I do not need for my 90 minutes of entertainment to end on "What if's" and "What do YOU think?"

Total Recall* is the exception. And here's the reason why:

They make you question what really matters.

I mean, does it REALLY matter if Dennis Quaid (Main character in Recall) was stuck within the midst of a psychological break that caused him to believe that the mental vacation he paid to go on was actually REAL REALITY? What Is REAL reality? If I were to find out that the life I am living right now, with 3 kids and a husband and a mortgage in Illinois were all part of an elaborate hallucination that some other sentient being was concocting in another realm or reality; would I want to leave? Would I want to give this up? Would I ever truly accept that these people, this love, these experiences were anything other than REAL?

What more do we need other than the emotions in our heart to tell us that something is Real?

Don't wake me up. Don't shake me from this hallucination. If  a physical body lies rotting in some medical facility on Mars while I dream these experiences, then let it rot.

Shhhh.... I'm happy in this dream.

*And Matrix!


Melisa Wells said...

The Matrix. We love that series here. Almost too much.

I'm with you. I (mostly) need closure.

Marianne said...

Wait. They did a remake of Total Recall? Where was I???

Did they still have the "Consider this a divorce" line? I can't imagine anyone but Arnold saying that. I'm a purist.

Jeanette Nyberg said...

I heard something about the new Total Recall but haven't heard much about it since or before.... huh. I agree with you, though. Nebulous movie ending makes me crazy.

Vicky said...

Loose ends just leave it wide open to do a sequel. I'm also not a fan of any movie remakes. If it was good enough the first time, why change it?

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