Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Insert Creative Title Here"

The day after Christmas found me crocheting a second (and then a third!) hat with my favorite Christmas present: yarn.

Oh. My. God. I am getting old.

I am embracing it and moving on. (At least for now.)

Today also found me playing Corinne's new Sims 3 before the kids woke up. I just can't figure out why none of the younger guys liked my Sim! So I hooked her up with her elderly boss. YES. This IS how I spent 2 hours of my life today!

That said, I did do about 38 minutes of "real work" for Listen To Your Mother (have you sent in your piece on Motherhood for the 2013 show yet? WHY NOT?). Melisa and I chatted on the phone while I picked the new Halo Megabloks out of the remnants of the "Gooey Science" and "Make Your Own Gummy Candy" kits that my sister gave my children for Christmas. (Which reminds me: Be sure to give her daughter something horrifically messy/sticky/complicated for her birthday as payback...).

After all of that work, I decided I had done enough for the day and am eyeing my nearly finished, super fuzzy hat. I think it needs a rim. Or a flower. OOHHH!!! I could learn how to crochet FLOWERS!!!!

And on that note? Peace out.


Unknown said...

Honestly, I haven't even read the whole post but I HAD to leave this comment to say, "OMG! I GOT YARN TOO!!" I'm a knitter =D Going back to finish the post now LOL

StephLove said...

I got stuck on the phrase "before the kids got up." If I wanted to do something before the kids got up, I'd have to do it in the middle of the night. Mine are both early risers and the 11 year old is as bad as the 6 year old. The older one was up at 5:45 today but he was quiet and the younger one slept until 7 so I got to sleep until 7. It felt luxurious.

Julie said...

Yarn is like mental Ativan. Just saying Yarn feels good. It does start to multiply like rabbits, though. Rock bottom, when you're buying yarn at garage sales.

Melisa Wells said...

I want to learn how to crochet. Can you teach me in our spare time?

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