Thursday, May 03, 2012

Fannie May

 There are few things in this world that make you feel as good as chocolate does. I'm sure there are some fabulous prescription drugs and yoga chants I could try instead, but those sound A. expensive and B. Like I might have to sweat.

Chocolate is relatively inexpensive, easily accessible and only asks that I open my mouth and chew.

That is MY kind of stress reliever.

Midwesterners already know about the fabulous chocolates that Fannie May provides. For all of my readers who are NOT fortunate enough to have eaten their candy, let me just tell you this: It's divine. My absolute favorite candy of ALL TIME (no joke) are the Fannie May raspberry creams. I have been known to make myself sick after eating an entire box of them in one sitting.

I have no self-control when it comes to Fannie May.

Their new line of chocolates is called The Artisan. They are elegant, handcrafted chocolate creams with the most unique fillings you can imagine. I have been privileged enough to try out many, many different Artisan flavors, and I am hard-pressed to pick one as my favorite. The Lemonade and Bourbon Vanilla are at the top of the list, though. Yumm.....

This particular box held, I believe, the Orange Passion and Black Raspberry (from the summer collection) and the Vanilla Cake and Caramel from their standard Artisan line.


They literally melt in your mouth.

How beautiful is that sight?

You can still order the Fannie May Artisan line in time for Mother's Day by heading to their site today! Or you can go for the traditional creams, mint meltaways or Pixies, but no matter which treat you choose for that special Mom in your life, she is going to LOVE it.

Melisa and I are thrilled that Fannie May has elected to be our Megaphone level sponsor of Listen To Your Mother in Chicago this year. We feel that their company is a perfect fit for the message behind the show and for Mother's Day, itself.

*Disclosure: this post is written as part of an agreement for the Megaphone level sponsor for LTYM Chicago. All opinions remain my own.


Melisa Wells said...


The end.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Ooo I've never tried them but now I want to!

CJ said...

Those Meltaways used to be my divine favorite! We were at Woodfield a few weeks ago and I was tempted to pick some up, but I resisted. I have to admit, I have become a Godiva girl....but those artisans look like they deserve at least a try! I mean, I OWE it to them, right?!?!

The Flying Chalupa said...

I am literally shoveling hershey kisses into my mouth as I type this.

And hooray on LTYM sponsors!

Unknown said...

I have never heard of these before! I thought you were talking about the housing coorporation. Will now hope to someday check them out ;)

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