Saturday, May 05, 2012

If you give a kid a camera...

 Give a kid a camera, and see what they see...



Impressive, IMHO.

"Should I be photographer when I grow up, Mommy?"
"Whatever you want, Evan. I think you could do it, if you really wanted to."


I'm off to assemble bags of supplies for our LTYM show which is TOMORROW and I am so excited. If you got tickets, you're going to love the show. If you missed the window to purchase tickets or live too far away, remember that all of the performances will be on the LTYM You Tube channel this summer.


Sylvia said...

This is so cool! Way to go Evan. :)

StephLove said...

Nice pictures. I like the oriole, too. (And the pillbug and the dead fish because it DOES show you what they see when they look at the world.)

Kat said...

Wow! Those are pretty darn good! :)

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