Monday, March 09, 2015

I love Illinois

On mornings like today, how does anyone ever say they hate Illinois? The sky is absolutely BRILLIANT in its shade and clarity. The morning sun is cutting the clearest and most amazing shadows through the branches and upon the snowy ground. The snow... ah. The snow. Currently in a state of slow melt due to the sudden temperature elevations, it's positively sparkling.

Yes, the winter has been long, but... has it? Has it really? It's already March and winter is nearly over! It hasn't been the worst winter ever, and definitely not the worst in comparison to other states out East.

Have you gone outside yet? Have you felt the air? It's cold, to be sure, but there is that feel to it today that signifies the change that is about to come. I can tell, simply by walking outside, that things are happening underground. Bulbs and tubers are stirring, stretching, and gathering themselves in preparation for spring's grand reveal. The birds have taken up residence in our tree and bushes to gorge themselves upon our backyard feeder; every morning, as I drink down my coffee, their song fills my kitchen.

This is why I love the Midwest. The ever-changing weather never allows me to grow complacent. You cannot take a gorgeous day for granted; in fact, your definition of a "gorgeous day" varies wildly depending upon the tilt of Earth's axis.

Winter toughens the soul. It strengthens the Earth and builds the muscle required for new life in the Spring. Without the bitter wind of winter, could we ever truly appreciate the gentle breeze of spring?

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