Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ever Wonder?

Ever sit in your car and just watch a plastic bag blow in the wind?

It might be stuck in that space between the bush and the curb and just swirl in a circle, repeatedly round and round and round... and then you wonder who used it last?

What did it have inside of it? Did that person throw it on the ground without a care for the environment, or was it whisked out of the hand of a young child who just couldn't wait to open the brand new toy that was inside?

Will it make it any further than this small ditch before being scooped up by a garbage picker, or will it get caught up in a sudden gust from a speeding semi and sail upon the currents of the troposphere to some unknown destination? Maybe it'll fly beyond the miles and miles of farmland and suburban housing; past Lake Michigan and the Appalachian Mountains.

Will it become stuck once again, in another roadside ditch, in a different state? And will some other woman see it, while she waits for the light to change, and wonder?

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