Monday, August 04, 2014

Summer Fun in Ohio!

Disclaimer: My family was provided with 5 complimentary tickets to Cedar Point. No payment was received and this post is strictly of my own desire to share our experience with you. All opinions and words are my own.

Summer is definitely a time for families to reconnect. Every day presents new possibilities for chances to enjoy each others company. My own family enjoys a WIDE range of summertime activities, with one activity being particularly favored by all: Roller Coaster Parks.

Bring it on, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio!!

In line for the Iron Dragon, a perfect beginner's roller coaster!
Yes, he really IS that good looking in real life.

We've enjoyed many coaster parks in the Midwest and South and none of them really compare to the awesome that is Cedar Point. Not only do they have some of the BEST rides (Millennium Force and Top Speed Dragster are a MUST) but it's probably my favorite layout of any park, EVER. I never get lost in Cedar Point because it's a peninsula for cryin out loud! You can only go so far before you have to turn around. There are no random paths to no-man's-land; just a nice, long loop along the shore with plenty of short-cuts throughout. BRING IT ON.
Millennium Force! One of the BEST ROLLER COASTERS ever. You have to experience the rush of that first fall, at least once in your life....
Another benefit of having limited land to build upon is that they really utilize EVERY inch of space. The Gate Keeper, new to the 2014 season, is located directly over the entrance of the park's "gate."
The Gatekeeper's entrance is just steps away from several other rides, which is the general layout of the entire park. Don't like the ride to your left? Then turn to your right.

Gatekeeper is in the distance, and MaxAir is above. You are literally STEPS from the next ride, all day long...
There are always ways to save at Cedar Point. I highly suggest checking out their website for info on ticket deals and hotels that discount ticket purchases with a stay at their location. 
Top Speed Dragster is about 11 seconds long, so don't waste a single second being scared: just GO with it! TRUST ME.

Family time: the best reason to go to Cedar Point!

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