Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Too Much. Too Many.

Too much laundry, too many dishes.

There are too many weeds to pull and forms to fill out and bills to pay.

Too many errands and too many instant-reminders on my Google calendar of places I'm supposed to be and details I'm supposed to remember. Too many opportunities to make mistakes.

It's too late in the summer to enjoy it without a sense of urgency. "You're missing it! You're missing it!" rings in my head, but I am too apathetic to jump up and seize the day. All I want to do is seize the solitude and sit in the shade with a cool drink and a quiet child or two beside me.

There is too much pain and too much injustice with too many babies that cry without hope for a bottle or breast to ease their hunger, or even a pair of loving arms to be held within.

Too much war and too many fights over who did/said/believed something that no longer matters once your hearts ceases beating. Too many people feeling too different from each other, despite the most important similarity we all share; each began as a single cell, a small life, a tiny baby - innocent and sweet and trusting.

There is too much in my head just now. Too much in my heart. It overwhelms and overflows and I just need to be quiet a little longer.

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