Monday, June 30, 2014

Evanisms at 12

I was minding my own business, watching some fluff tv while I folded laundry on our bed, when Evan walked in and flopped down beside me.

"Sometimes I think it's really hard for you and Daddy to not choose me as the favorite child."

"Excuse me???" I sputtered.

"I just cleaned off the entire kitchen table and neither Corinne or Justin helped and you didn't even remind me. It's hard to not choose me as the favorite, isn't it?"


We were outside the other night, enjoying the starry night around our firepit. I needed to give the coals some more kindling to ignite the damp wood, but, midway through my poking and prodding, the roll of cardboard I was maneuvering fell off in the wrong spot. 


"What's wrong?" Patrick asked.

"Oh, nothing, nothing. Nevermind."

"Oh, so was that just a random 'shit'?" he laughed.

Evan interjected with, "DUH, Daddy, don't you even know this woman?!?"


This kid. If you have a few free minutes and want a giggle or two, might I suggest you browse through Evanisms through the years...?


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