Monday, March 17, 2014


The spaces between blog posts fluctuates, as usual. I wonder what will happen to the memories of the moments between each "Publish?" In reading my entries from the nearly 7 years of blogging, I find treasures that would have been completely erased, if not for the breaks I took to hit "Publish." Will the memories of the past 12 days of empty blog space be forgotten? Is that ok? Isn't that the way of the living, though; To be forgotten? 

It matters to very few people outside of a tiny circle of loved ones that Patrick and I spent the day together on Saturday, shopping for furniture for the first time in...years. Years and years. Feeling flush with funds and confident that our children are FINALLY able to POSSIBLY keep certain items decent-looking, we are actually able to replace multiple items in our home. It is liberating! New kitchen tile, to replace the tile that had peeled and revealed the sub-flooring was laid by Pat a few weeks ago. A new-to-us kitchen table set is atop the tile and, get this: ALL of the chairs are in ONE PIECE. None of them have missing rungs! And the couch we picked out? It will be delivered soon, only to be moved around in a few weeks when we paint the house and then put in new carpet.


This is monumental. Our carpeting was builder grade installed when the previous owners built the house in... 1997? 98? Yeah. The carpeting is old. And multi-colored, even though it's supposed to be solid. I cannot even fathom how fantastic our house is going to look in a few months... Every little detail is up for replacement. EVERY ONE. And we are actually in a spot that we are able to do these changes. It feels good, but kind of scary and weird. 

I'm looking out the back window at the dreary mess that is my once-lovely garden. For 2 years, I rocked that little patch of dirt but last summer, I failed miserably. All of these new changes have me inspired to re-commit to growing our own veggies and herbs again this season. I know that my issue last year was being too lazy and cheap. I can envision how lovely it will be with a little more effort and concentrated effort. It will happen. Our table WILL overflow with produce once more. I'm feeling so inspired by the small changes! I want to donate 1/3 of everything we own and fill the empty space with nothing but clean lines and empty shelves.

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