Friday, March 21, 2014

Lots of photos!

The cast is fighting over who will hire Brandi Lee of Balee Images. You see, we all want her to follow us around and take pictures of us, all the time, every day, for eternity...

 The cast of Listen To Your Mother Chicago, 2014. Looking quite beautiful and cheerful, despite the 25 degree weather on those back steps of our rehearsal venue in March.
 Melisa and I! Sorry, but aren't we gorgeous??
 It was all thanks to these two. Brandi and Elizabeth Rago (cast member from 2013. You may remember her piece as the insanely adorable "toot piece.")
 We really don't enjoy this show very much, do we? I mean, look at us! We are positively bored.
 The passing of the Kleenex. There was much joking, but it was used by all, for all types of tear removal.
This is one of my absolute favorite shots. So glad Andrea didn't pee or go into labor from all of the laughing.
 I got to hold the baby!!!! He's smooshy and adorable and didn't cry when I snuggled him. THAT MEANS HE LIKES ME!
 This is my other favorite picture! Especially since Melisa has green nails and she has many feelings about the green nails.
 The giggle and cry duo. Every joke; they laughed. Every moment; they cried. I think every show needs a few of these ladies to boost confidence!

All Photos courtesy of Balee Images.

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