Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tap tap tap

My computer is broken.


For a blogger, this is a huge issue. I have, quite literally, dozens of posts that I have written on pads of paper, scattered all over the house. Currently, I am sitting on my teenager's very fancy gaming computer to try and get a little caught up on computer work, but instead? I'm writing a fluffy blog post about how I haven't been writing blog posts.

It's a wonder that I haven't been snatched up by some Big Name Magazine for journalism, yet.

Facebook has been reaping the benefits of my computer hiatus. All of my funny-ha-ha has been reserved for my Above Average phone's ability to connect to Facebook. Think I can capitalize on that?

BEST PART is that I am on the computer, with an hour in front of me, and all I can write is THIS.

A wrap up of what has been happening since our last episode, via Facebook status updates (idea stolen from Kate):

Oct 3. Paid a lot of $ for pictures of my kid in very expensive leotard.


Oct 5. Didn't die from overscheduling in one weekend:
At activity #1 for the weekend, before we head to #2 out of 5. doing this as a single parent couldn't happen. It would be logistically impossible. Drinking plenty of coffee!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Oct 6. Rose to the challenge and conquered all who came before me to become the reigning Yodeling Princess of Chicago. (trademark pending)

Photo: So happy right now. Oompa band started early! (Thought we'd be gone before showtime!) Also.  Schnitzel!

Photo credits Melisa Wells... I think? I don't remember because I was HIGH ON MY WIN and the paparazzi is something I'm just going to have to get used to...
(Me and Prince Jim)

Oct 7. Woke the kids up by yodeling that we have banana bread. Yup. Gotta keep these pipes up to par.

Oct 8. Remembered that there are good things to read OUTSIDE of the internet (WHO KNEW?):

Reading one of those books that is so good, I don't want to open it because I'll finish it too soon..... Opening it anyway, cause DAMN IT'S GOOD. "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak

Oct 9. This actually happened:
Gonna get these kids up and ready for a field trip to store! Yup. Homeschooling is glamorous.

Oct 6 or 7 or something like that:
Photo: Patrick  was, well, Patrick.
Patrick was, well, Patrick.

Spent an insane amount of time dressing our dog up as we looked for Halloween costumes...

Oct. 10 - didn't strangle my daughter:
7 year old resistance to education is high in house today.

Oct. 11 - Didn't jump off of a cliff:
I forgot to buy coffee filters... Sigh. Heading down to macgyver one from paper towels.

Oct. 13 - Took the girl-child on a special day and saw Smurfs 2. It was... very blue.

It's now the 17th of October and I still haven't taken the computer in. We have a weekend with a wedding (on Patrick's birthday!), gymnastics practice, 4 hours of baking/cooking, a birthday party to attend and a birthday party to host (for Corinne) and an ungodly amount of cleaning to accomplish in addition to 2 days of homeschooling and occasionally bathing. I only have half a bottle of wine and we are STILL using paper towels to filter my coffee (even though I was just at the store YESTERDAY!)  Forgot the filters but remembered the pumpkins for the first time in 4 years.... I choose to be amazed at the latter instead of frustrated by the former.

Just gonna hit publish. Sighs and shakes head....

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