Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quotes from the Back Seat

"Mommy, how did plants evolve? Was it like people? Did we evolve from plants?"
Me: "Gosh, you just get prettier every day, Corinne."
Her: "That's cuz I look like you, Mommy."
"Mommy! The bean fields look like a sunset!" (They do. They really do.)
"Hey, guess what the weather will be in Washington this week! And now guess what it will be in New York. And now guess what it will be like in Colombia." I ask, "The country or the city?" and the response is: "Just Colombia, Mommy. THE Colombia." (Clearly).
Me to Evan: "Wow, kiddo! Your hair is CRAZY! You really need a haircut."

In the smoothest voice a 11-year old can possibly muster, he indignantly protects his cow-licked mop of hair with his hands and proclaims, "No way, Mom! This is my money-maker."

*It should be noted that most of these quotes were not ACTUALLY from the back seat as I always forget the things they say by the time I actually get to a piece of paper or computer and pffft! Just like THAT: it's gone. Instead, I've been following them around the house which is why some of the quotes imply that I am looking at them, which would be hard if they were in the back seat. Annnnnd scene.

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