Thursday, September 05, 2013

I'm not ready!

I know what the calendar says, but I am not ready for Summer to be over... So here are some random pictures of camping in Michigan because I am rumbly and grumbly about the school year being in full swing in freaking September for the LOVE OF GOD and cannot be bothered to make sensible, meaningful phrases of words or to even put them in order. Because DAMMIT! I. Am. Not. READY!

We did a LOT of fun stuff; we truly did. But the weather in between all of the Fun Stuff wasn't always agreeable, so I feel robbed of the lazy, droopy days of summer...
I am so glad we were able to spend time with each other and family, though. (like being hugged by a cousin on the beach. Evan won't admit it, but he loves when she hugs him.)
Though we couldn't get into the sunshine as much as we wanted, we DID still get to feel its rays...
4/5 of my family adores the beach...

When your arms are held down by piles of sand, this might happen to you, too.

Yup. Singing and strumming in the woods with kids dancing with sticks around a fire. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a weekend to me...
Sisterly love ON FILM. (well, on DIGITAL, but "film" sounds catchier, yes?)
Isn't he attractive?
Shaking our booties to Girl Scout songs in the woods...
Submitting to YET ANOTHER hug on camera. (Again, he's loving it)
My sister and her youngest...
I'd like to know who told my niece she could grow taller than I am.
Isn't Michigan beautiful?
Corinne adores her eldest cousin.
Blueberry picking!
Guess which niece finally likes me? Yep. I am officially IN THE CLUB.
And here I'm saying "Take a picture of me because I want my kids to know that I was HERE."

Annual sister picture. I'm getting good at this angled selfie shot...
Love her.
Perfect way to occupy 4 kids without electronics: give them free reign over maintaining the fire and allow them to wander the woods, looking for extra kindling. HOURS WERE SPENT DOING THIS.
A leaf as big as her head.
Remember banana boats? YUM.
Spontaneous braiding train.
I swear to you, we feed him.
"Corinne, go do some cartwheels and shit on the beach so that I can take pictures."
"Do some more. We pay a lot of money for this, and I need documentation of where it's all gone"
A happy boy, indeed.
Notice the death grip on his arm? Yes, that means: "HOLD STILL so I can take a picture of someone with me so that I am in more than ONE picture this weekend."
Sisters and cousins... Awww.....
Dutch Oven Cherry Chocolate Cake: A valiant effort and idea that turned out to taste.... interesting.
Proof that I'm not the only dork in the family.
I guess I wasn't being so casual in my effort to cover my thighs for the picture. Sigh.
Telling stories and playing Telephone around the campfire...
And finally, let's end it all on a big old, banana boat smile.

I want more. I WANT MORE SUMMER.

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