Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adjusting... quietly.

The elephant.

It's in the room.

I haven't mentioned the presence of its road-mapped skin for fear it could stampede in revolt (as elephants are known to do).

But the thing about elephants is that they are insanely difficult to ignore.

Especially when you are as tentatively optimistic as I feel right now.

So I'll whisper it, ever so softly, and perhaps the great beast will forgive my admission...

High school for my eldest is going well.


(ducks and throws arms over head)

Academically, he's doing good, and I knew he would; my kid is incredibly intelligent and has an amazing memory. But also, he's thriving with the responsibility. He wakes without fuss, makes his lunch and leaves on time, every morning. He remembers his homework and does it all on time - EVERY day.

He has stated that his goal is to Ace every class, including P.E. So far? He's on the right track.

Most importantly, he has remained true to himself and has tried out a club, started private piano lessons* again, and still manages to walk up to bed, every night, without fail, at 10:30 - WITHOUT ANYone prompting or reminding him to.

Good God, did I just jinx myself? I am knocking on wood and tossing salt over my shoulder and doing that little "tou tou" spitty thing I see old ladies doing to ward off evil spirits (or is that what they do to put curses on people?). I am crossing my fingers AND all of my toes that he continues on this path.

And I am quietly returning to my chair in the corner and praying that my boasts remain truthful; hoping fervently that my joyful noises were hushed enough to allow that massive elephant to stay asleep...

*For about 18 months around 2nd grade, he took piano lessons and was something of a freaking musical prodigy but the issues he had back then led  to a series of events that caused us to let him walk away from piano. He came back to piano on his own this summer and is, once again, sailing through the lessons and skills.

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