Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wednesday Happy Pictures

A throwback to the old "Wordless Wednesdays" posts that I never COULD make "wordless." They were fabulous ways to just post pictures and get a post up though. So, for lack of an ability to put together more than a few cooperative adjectives and nouns; here you go.


 Guess who decided to stay in gymnastics for the year after all? It's amazing what an exhibition can do.,,
 Especially when you go to a gymnastics school with coaches who do the Harlem Shake for their end of year dance. Why yes; that IS a motorcyclist riding atop a bunny rabbit. Love that school...
 They were covered in chalk. COVERED. But I got a spontaneous, chalky hug from my niece, so it was ok with me.

 She loves it inside this expanding ball thing. Loves it.
 Beach time with Jocelyn last week after a walking tour with Margaret from Chicago Elevated. Her tours are always so fun. I just want to pinch her cheeks.
 Found this picture in my camera from a trip downtown during the crazy rainstorm this spring. Me, Shannon, Shannan, Tracy and Melisa went to 2nd City to watch Jocelyn's CHIRP Radio series: First Time. Hope we get more LTYM folks together for the next one!
 Patrick was teaching my youngest nephew how to use Evan's new skateboard. He was REALLY good at it, too! As in, he figured out the balance and the placement of his feet and was shoving everyone else off. Gotta love 2 year olds...

Another Montrose Beach day this spring. They were FILTHY. Absolutely filthy... And absolutely happy.
 They have talented noses that will surely take them far in life...
Girl's got GUNS. This is what happens when you exercise in gymnastics like a maniac.

I realize that today is Thursday and not Wednesday but I decided to stay true to my self and not finish what I started in a timely fashion.

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Shannon said...

Wow! She does have guns. Ain't nobody gonna be messing with that girl.

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