Monday, May 27, 2013

A Quickie, cuz I'm tired (that's what she said)

Corinne shouts from downstairs, "Daddy, how do you spell 'awesome'?"

Before Pat can respond, we hear Evan's response, "E.V.A.N."


As Patrick walks upstairs with coffee for us both to sip as we (i.e. "he") watch the Blackhawks battle against Detroit, he asks Evan about their weekend with Grandma. "Did you have fun? Did you behave yourselves?"

"Yes, Daddy; WE did. Did YOU Behave YOURselves?"

 Sneaky poker at Indy 500. This picture pretty much sums up the feel of the weekend: FUN.

When you ask your daughter to take some pics of the "house" map she drew out on the driveway, you will see that her photography style is totally ready for the internet...
 I love how she inserted her feet into the shots. SO INSTAGRAMMABLE.
 Welcome to her home...
 Let's take a walk down the hall...
 To the room that you Live In which makes it the livein room. Makes perfect sense to me.
 We have no need for fancy talkin around here. We're just one big, happy FamLe.
 (her feet are really dirty...)
 Clearly, we need to work on the "ch" sound, but she's only 7. I'm just happy the attempts were close. Evan wouldn't have bothered with any of the vowels at all.

Definitely her mother's daughter.


Galit Breen said...

Love this. So. Much. Fun! :)

Shannon said...

So, did you? Behave yourselves?
Don't answer that.

Looks like a great weekend!

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