Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I'm baaaa-aaaackkkk (almost)

Yeah. So, THIS happened:
 What's that? Oh, that's just Ann Imig on the Athenaeum stage being interviewed by Janet Shamlian of the Today show for a spot on the NBC Nightly News to air this Thursday night.

Yep. We had a little extra excitement added to the hub bub of the overall thrill of bringing Listen To Your Mother to the Chicago stage for the second time. But it didn't take away from the primary focus of the day which was the amazing cast of talented, courageous women....
 I am still in that decompression mode following the show, but cannot wait to start focusing on the house and the kids and this blog with a little more attention again. If you could see the layer of dust on my piano and bookshelves.... oy vey.
 It was worth it though. Every dust bunny and weed in the garden; every piece of dirty laundry and empty space on the blog. They were all worth the experience of bringing 16 other beautiful stories to the stage on Sunday.
 Melisa and I really felt like we had the whole rhythm down this year. Having a theater that was so attentive to detail and assistance made a world of difference, but the two of us also just kind of knew what to expect this time.
It's sort of like birthing the second child: it's not any less special, but you aren't shocked by the pain of the details. In fact, you can almost enjoy the experience a little more because you KNOW how quickly it will all be over.
 We treasured it. Love that lady; even if she DOES turn me into Monica for 2 weeks straight and steals my Phoebe shoes. I guess it's good for us both, to see how the other half lives...
If you missed the show (you must live out of town or have had an emergency, right?), don't fret. They'll all be on YouTube this summer!
You will truly enjoy sitting down with a glass of wine or cup of coffee and watching them all. I promise.
Me and my Momma

On that note, I am still in Chill-Out mode. It's a gorgeous day and the garden is crying from lack of attention. I just so happen to have a bunch of time on my hands, so off I go to dig and tie and get dirty.

All Photo credits by Sabrina Persico


Melisa Wells said...

Sigh! Love this. xoxo

Happy to loan you Monica anytime. :) said...

Once a year, my dear. Just once a year.

Shannon said...

Sigh. I miss you all already.

Marianne said...

Love the picture of you & mom!

Marta said...

I love reading all of these posts about LTYM, and all the bloggers that I'm discovering from it. Can't wait to see all the videos when they're posted!

Brandie said...


Michelle said...

Is it wrong that I'm in chill out mode and I didn't even have anything to do with the show? Or make it there (SO sorry, First Communion weekend was nuts) :( But next year. I SWEAR I'll be there next year, one way or the other. You two are amazing!

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