Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just Write

Oooohhhh!!!! Shuddering. The thunder is literally rolling outside the windows.

Evan (who was naturally sleeping at the foot of my bed, like a dog or something) startled awake, muttered "mm... dat's a big storm... I love pillows..." and inched up my mattress to sneakily borrow a spare pillow from Patrick's side of the bed.

I have always loved a good rainstorm, but now I shudder not only because of the awesomeness of the power of Nature, but also in dread of finding yet more water in my basement. Send up a silent prayer (or shout) for me, would ya? Our washing machine is broken, so any towels we have need to be used for bathing; not for mopping up ground water from the cement floor.

It's mornings like these that I wish someone would invent a bedside coffee dispenser.

Or maybe I just need to price out how much installing morning room service would run us?

You know you're getting older when the sound of rain pelting your rooftop and windows causes you think, repeatedly, "Wow! I hope this rainfall helps our water table level after last year's drought!"

I know I am getting older because a long night of sleep hasn't eased the crick in my neck or the soreness of my foot. How did I hurt my neck and foot? By existing. Because I am aging. I am aging like my cat, who no longer runs from room to room, or even saunters, but rather considers the travel for a good 45 minutes before she cautiously places each foot in front of the other to drink water or find the sunshine.

My wall literally shook from the thunder just now. It shook as though a thousand bowling balls were thrown at my house.... And instead of freaking out, my dog merely inched a little closer to my legs and just sighed that doggy sigh she has when she's too tired to fully wake up. What's even more adorable about her is that regardless of the time on the clock that I get up and out of bed, she will wait for me. She will rise at 3 am if I am unable to sleep, following me as I wander from bedroom to kitchen to bathroom to bed. She will stay at my feet if I am able to sleep in and wait until I finally creep from my room at 8 or 9 or even 10. My little buddy. My dog with attachment issues.

Maybe I should install a coffee pot in my bedroom? Like a hotel room! I could set it to brew before I wake up and could awaken to the smell of coffee, instead of the smell of little boy feet in my face...

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Julie said...

Yes! A Keurig by the bed.

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