Saturday, March 09, 2013

Just Me, Crying in my Room....

Sometimes the briefness of this moment, this embrace, these breaths we take; overwhelms and engulfs me with emotion so brilliant and enormous that my throat closes up, my heart cannot believe something so indescribably beautiful and impossibly perfect as; his eyes, her hair, their laughter, our love, could be reduced to dust and memories and sparks upon the internet.

Sometimes I cannot contain the knowledge that each breath we take, each beat of our hearts, could be the final, the last.... The only chance left to hold each other close in this physical form.

Sometimes I just can't keep my heart from going there.

Patrick, Justin, Evan, Corinne... I love you. So much. So much that it is spilling over me. So much that these words can't convey; I love you.


OHmommy said...

Is everything OK?

Mel S. said...

I have been feeling a lot like that lately. A lot of family members have pretty major medical issues going on. So, when I am by myself I think about the fact that someday I will have to say goodbye to these people as my daughter will say goodbye to me. I keep trying to redirect the thoughts to thinking about what I can enjoy right now.

Kat said...

Perfect. And I know exactly what you mean. :)

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