Sunday, March 10, 2013

How do you rename a blog, anyway?

I'm thinking I need a new name for my blog. It's not just Just Another Mommy Blog anymore, is it? My children are 14, nearly 11 and 7 years old. And though they all still call me "Mommy" (even the teenager in his deep, deep baritone), I feel that when someone googles "Mommy Blog" and finds, well, ME, instead of a twenty-something new mother who is drowning in diapers and sippy cups, that they will be a tad disappointed.

If you want a diaper-drowning, sippy-cup wielding, twenty-something mother, go back to my archives. It's all there. It's just not ME anymore.

So, what then? What title for my blog that has been the same name and barren design (HA "DESIGN") for over 6 years?

Some ideas:

"The Continuing Saga of Tracey Becker, Formerly Known As Just Another Mommy Blog"

"I Swear That I Wasn't Drunk When I Wrote This Blog. Well, at least not ALL of it..."

"This Is What Happens When You Try To Rename A Blog"



Gianna Rae said...

I don't know how to do it either! And after trying to read how to do it online, I was more confused than ever, so I tried to find professional help and he cost $1000 when everything was said and done.
Good luck. I wish I could help you.

Marianne said...

Re-branding can be dicey. But then again, I hate change. Good luck!

CJ said...

Tracey Becker - Wife/Mom/Woman of many hats

Deb said...

Just Another Peri-Menopausal Woman Blog?

Bwahaha! Just kidding.

Kat said...

How about "The Blog Formerly Known as Just Another Mommy Blog" ;) Love it. How about Tracey Talk. Or Just Me. Or... I don't know. I stink at this. :(

I wouldn't know how to do it either. I kind of thought about that when I picked my original name too. I was going to name it My Three Sons, but then I thought, what if I have a girl? And then I did. And I suspect I will always be seeking sanity in some way. ;)
Good luck!

Michelle said...

*snort* I like the I wasn't drunk one but... I suppose that isn't the most PR friendly, is it?

and ummm I'm not naming your blog for you because I got nothing. I can provide input but no actual ideas. Sorry, chica!

Vicky said...

Yeah, when SOMEONE helped me set up MY blog, she wasn't very clear on how important a name was. Now I'M stuck with a blah name. How about:

Honest, this is my life
Laundry, Dishes, and Cleaning (and all the other fun things in my life)
This is me and all of my opinions
This is your warning
My kids keep getting older (and so do I), would you like to read about it?

These are all very exciting and possible options. If you choose to use one, I expect a small payment. said...

My sister has a sweet sense of humor, eh?

You guys are NOT. HELPING.

Mocha Dad said...

Go with the the drunk one.

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