Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pretty Muddy? Lord Help me...

When your initial response to a pitch is "No way! I am not THAT athletic and don't want to embarrass myself"? That is the time to reevaluate how athletic you really ARE. And how athletic a healthy 36 year old woman should be.

After the Coca Cola Balanced Living Workshop in Chicago, I committed myself to changing my ways. I promised myself that I would make small changes towards a larger goal; the goal being a Healthier, Happier Family.

We're doing fairly well on that. Considering it's January in Illinois and freezing cold out, that is. We have had an overall healthier approach to the food we ingest and every Wednesday night, without fail, we have had a family dinner around the table with board games immediately afterwards. This has resulted in not only bringing us closer as a family but also forcing us to make consciously healthier food choices. IT'S WORKING. Slowly, but surely; it's working.

I received an email from the Pretty Muddy folks in Chicago a while back. They wanted to know if I wanted to receive a free pass to the Pretty Muddy race in September in exchange for help promoting the race, etc. My first response? I snorted. I mean, I am NOT a runner! Nor do I enjoy getting filthy. A little dirty doesn't bother me, but MUDDY? From head to toe? (I've seen the pictures!) That didn't seem like something that screamed "I am within your comfort zone!"
Photo credit Journey of a Dreamer
And that is the exact reason why I responded with a petrified "Yes."
Yes; I will practice running.
Yes; I will practice running in FRONT of people.
Yes; I will commit to trying my hardest to be physically fit enough to not embarrass myself in front of all of the racers and spectators.


But now I kinda need the support of any of you who have done this race before! I know you're out there! I know you can tell me what I need to work on in order to prepare. In fact, if you are participating in the Pretty Muddy race in September, would you like to run with me? (keep in mind that I am using the work "run" quite loosely. How about a casual jog?)

Pretty Muddy has provided a code for anyone who has run before! So you can enter for $20 off and then come and help me NOT DIE IN THE MUD. I would greatly appreciate that...


Code is only valid for past participants only and expires on January 31. So, enter today because the prices will never be this low again!


Lisa said...

You won't die. I promise. :) I did the run last year.

Deb said...

Wow, I would totally do that with you! Especially if I lived closer and you replaced the words Run and Muddy with Yarn and Wine.

Amanda said...

I did the run last year and it was so FUN...NOT scary! You'll do great, and like Lisa said - you totally won't die. :-)

Marianne said...

I'm already set for a 5K Melanoma Run or I'd do it with you. I only commit to one public display of excercise every 6 months. That Coca-Cola thing should've cleared me for the decade. There were PHOTOS. And I was wearing ORANGE.

Now where did I put that RumChata?

Good luck! You'll do great!

StephLove said...

Good luck!

Vicky said...

Well I'll be thinking of you and race day and will be rootin' you on! Good luck! Oh and being coated in mud is actually pretty fun.

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