Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Love Affair with Whirlpool Continues...

I never get tired of that view right there... Our Whirlpool fridge is one of the only appliances I have ever been able to actually pick out. We've lived in 3 houses, and had to purchase a few appliances here or there, but mostly they all came with the new home, so I never had the fun of picking and choosing something so, well, pretty as this fridge!

I do so wish it was always as clean as it is in this picture (and always had a box of wine up top, too. I wonder if that is a feature I can ask for? Free wine for life?). But overall, the storage space is fabulous and the water filtration system has saved us a ton of money on extra drinks for the kids. They just naturally gravitate towards the water! It's easy and free. What's not to like?

I have had some issues with the ice maker, though. At first, it was shooting the ice out with a little too much gusto, and now it is frozen solid, despite my attempts to correct the issue. I am on a mission to figure out what has happened, and solve the problem. So I am wrote a  letter to their customer service to ask for some advice..

Jan 11 - sent Customer Service an email asking for help to stop the ice from freezing into a solid chunk.
Jan 11 - Sent a tweet to @whirlpoolcorp asking for help on the situation.
 Jan 11 - got a tweet back from Whirlpool:

Jan 14 - Received a very courteous email from Customer Care with information on how to use the warranty to hire a maintenance worker to come and check out the issue.

Jan 16 - Received another Tweet from Whirlpool asking me to send them the information I have on the problem.
So, overall? My confidence that Whirlpool will continue to help me with this matter is high. The BEST part? To my knowledge, the Whirlpool team that has been contacting me has no clue who I am or that I am reviewing this refrigerator. They have been prompt and helpful, and I am very interested to find out what the maintenance contact will advise me to do for our ice issue!

*Disclaimer: I will be reviewing this Whirlpool refrigerator for the next year. Though these posts will be sponsored, all opinions and words will be my own.

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Marianne said...

I have never heard of such impressive customer service. Are you sure you didn't secretly travel back to 1952?

With Twitter?

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