Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's a chilly space to chat, but oh-so-clean!

I am finally, FINALLY feeling excited about the impending holidays. In fact, I almost didn’t use the word “impending” when I wrote that first sentence. (Almost). If I were able to purge the house of 35% of its contents, then I would probably officially able to use a more favorable adjective. Alas, the garage has a mouse ( AGAIN) and the basement has crickets, so I canNOT enter either space until they are cleansed of those vermin. It seems as though I am becoming quite the wuss as I grow up.

I have laid down the law that I will not enter any vicinity where critters would have the capability to run over my feet and up my legs, or to jump ridiculously high into my face where they might decide to peck and gnaw at my eyes. It’s just not gonna happen. Hence, the mess that has no place to go to now that it has accumulated.

There is one spot in my house that remains moderately clean. My Whirlpool Fridge.

Isn’t it lovely? Can you blame me for keeping it somewhat free of clutter? Though none of the clutter from the fridge needs to be packed up for future siblings to wear (like the clothing that has to go to the bins in the basement), or carted out to the garage for the garage sale that we keep promising ourselves we’re gonna have. If we’re done with the food? Straight to the garbage can. (Throwing away clothing and toys seems not only wasteful but also like I’d be losing a whole bunch of money!)

Speaking of my refrigerator, I would like to interject that my continuing review has only one minor gripe. The ice maker has the most powerful force behind it! If we don’t hold the cups up to the dispenser just-so, it tends to shoot little bits of ice across the kitchen floor. While I don’t particularly mind this (as it provides entertainment for our dog and actually causes several spaces upon my kitchen floor to be “cleaned” periodically), I can see that it might pose a problem for other clients. I have read on other reviews that this is a fairly regular issue. I will investigate any solutions to this quirk. Maybe there are ways to tweak the power on the fridge? I’ll check online…

Still. Having a clean(ish) fridge isn’t making my home feel very organized. Especially if anyone comes to visit. Maybe I could just cover their eyes and escort them to the opened refrigerator? We could have our conversation by the cool air and light while drinking wine and munching on leftover chili?

Or maybe I should stop being a baby and face my fears, eye-munching crickets and mice be damned?

Or maybe I should force my husband to finally rid our home of any possible eye-munching, foot-scampering critters? 

I vote for the latter.

 *Disclaimer: I will be reviewing this Whirlpool refrigerator for the next year. Though these posts will be sponsored, all opinions and words will be my own.


Jack said...

You need to coax the critters out where you can pop them with high speed ice cubes ejected from the new fridge.

If By Yes said...

Now how did you manage to finagle a review fridge?

I need me a review washing machine.

Also, I am deeply impressed with the tidiness of your fridge. Not sure I could maintain that.

StephLove said...

I like the spot of shepherding your guests to the cleanest spot in the house, even if it is the fridge. My mom visited last weekend and the one area of the house I meant to clean and didn't was the study, the room where she was going to sleep. Soon after arriving, she was sweeping it herself, which made me feel lousy. But that's what happens when she arrives on a weekday and there's no Saturday morning to clean.

Frosted Fingers said...

Maybe your new kitty will take care of that mouse! Pretty fridge. I'm hoping for a new one soon!

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