Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blame Xfinity

It’s Xfinity’s fault that this post was written 2 days ago but is appearing on Thursday.

They’re playing with army men in the other room. A random assortment of Civil war soldiers, traditional little green army men, and some special Ops guys won years ago at an arcade.

“Ooh, look! I have Abraham Lincoln. And he’s signing the peace treaty!”

As a homeschooling mother, I cannot NOT intrude here and, from my perch in the living room where I am hiding underneath the laptop (that has no internet connection because Xfinity has been off-the-charts-effed-up this week) and spitting out the fresh mint from my mouthful of lemonade (Where did I get the idea to put mint leaves in drinks? They may add a nice taste and sure do look fancy, but there’s nothing refreshing about getting a mint leaf stuck in your teeth), I interject:

“I think you mean the Emancipation Proclamation, right?”

“No, Mama. The peace treaty. It’s ABRAHAM LINCOLN.”

 I could practically hear the unspoken ‘duh’ and dramatic eye rolls he was including in his not-so-patient response to my not-so-welcome interruption.

“Ah, no, EVAN. Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.”

“MA.MA. It’s ABRAHAM. LINCOLN. I can see his face on this figure guy! LIN.COLN.”

At this point, I am smacking my own head for the need to educate during the summer. But I cannot ignore an obvious mistake in their historical gameplay.

“Evan. TRUST me. It’s the Emancipation Proclamation. The document that freed the slaves and basically started the Civil War. Do you REALLY want to question me on this one?”

Surely fearing a mid-July history lesson complete with lapbook, timelines and actual reading, he hastily replied,

“Ohhhhh…. THAT. Yeah, yeah. That’s what I meant.”

And this is what you get when I have to write a blog post on Word because our internet is so down it's on anti-depressants and Xfinity can’t get here til Sunday to see why. 

Blame my internet provider.


Mark said...

If my Mom ever tried to teach me something during my Summer vacation,I would have run away!

StephLove said...

I taught my son how to use the garlic press tonight. Does that count as summer education?

Unknown said...

Hey, this made me laugh, so I'm not hating on XFinity too much :)

Kate said...

So down it's on antidepressants.
Very funny!

Hyacynth said...

lol! Sorry I know the internet being down is nothing to joke about, but that last part had me laughing out loud.

Alexandra said...

So down it needs antidepressants.

I'll miss you at BLogher this year b/c you saved me from being all alone at the after party.


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