Sunday, June 10, 2012

What I COULD be writing about...

There are a lot of things I could write about today.

I could write about how frustrating it is to start exercising and watching what I eat, only to find myself at a ball game, then a bbq party, then Chinese food surprise by my husband, and then a neighborhood party. And then I find I have gained 6 pounds in the course of 3 days. And I begin to wonder how I'll ever drop this piddly 15 pounds I'm trying to lose. And then I am amazed by my friends who have lost 3,4, or 5 times that. I cannot imagine the willpower that requires!

I could write about how it sucks that I can't take my dog on several of our really long walks today because, at just before 8 am on our morning walk, it was 81 degrees. She would literally pass out if I took her out for 6 miles in the sun and 95 degree heat. So we will be at the pool, instead, and I will be the weird mother who is doing some random jumping/arm-swing motions to try and burn off the nachos from last night.

Have I mentioned that I hate exercising? And sweating? And peppy aerobics instructors? They bother me almost as much as doctors and dentists and anyone else who is "well-intentioned". It may not be evident on this blog, but I have a bit of an independence issue. As in, "don't TELL me what to do! I'll do what I feel is best!" and then I (used to) do the opposite. (I say "used to" because I actually HAVE matured since childhood a LITTLE and WILL listen to an educated piece of advice if it makes sense to me. Doesn't mean I'll follow it, though.)

I could write about the fantastic week I have ahead of me. A reunion with my LTYM cast, a Cubs game with Evan, a breakfast with Universal Studios with the kids, and my special birthday trip to St. Louis with Evan this weekend. I am a little lot overwhelmed with how much I need to arrange and organize so that everyone has the best week possible. Clothes to have ready, sunscreen available, schedules and phone numbers clearly recorded so that the other kids can be where they need to be on time while I'm gone... I'm wiped just writing it down!

I could write about all of that, but instead I shall entertain you with photos from our neighborhood party. It really was a fun time. And with unlimited cotton candy, sno cones and dunk tank turns, the kids had a blast!

 Evan was the only boy playing the dunk tank game for a while. He didn't mind that set up ONE BIT. Especially since he managed to get 5 girls soaked in a row. Ahhh.... my little boy.
 Do you like Corinne's accessories? The beads? The shades? So stylish. I woke up to her stringing the beads and clipping them to her hair yesterday. :)
 Patrick playing bags. It never fails.
 I wanted a cute picture of me and Corinne but she kept putting the cotton candy in front of her face...
 So I had to snatch it away and hold her down. Mission accomplished.
 When Evan saw that his sister was in the "hot seat" for the water balloon game, he was first in line.
 And he got her. He got her good.
 So proud of himself.
 After drying off, Rinny saw the face-painting lady and got her standard butterfly face art. Every year, she gets a butterfly!
 The husband; almost as elusive as the 13-year old who actually DID attend the fair long enough to grab some pizza and then head back home. No photographic evidence exists to prove this occurrence;  you'll just have to take my word for it.
 A dragon on the arm. Because chicks dig guys with dragons on their arms.
My son with the dragon tattoos, surrounded by girls in bathing suits, in a pizza eating contest. He was in heaven.


Unknown said...

I think you look awesome, but I'm right there with you on the exercising/weight loss scenario. It would be so much easier to kick these pounds if life didn't get in the way--great pics!

Kat said...

Ooooo. That looks like fun! :)

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