Friday, November 05, 2010

The Next Generation

The family is rarely in the car all at the same time and it's really unusual that we're in a vehicle with music (see also: stolen radio/job loss we're still recovering from/does anyone want me to review a car radio?). So, when we DO ride in Patrick's car, it's interesting to see the different tastes of music. The kids want some sort of dance/house/rap style that I like at, well, CLUBS and weddings, but not while driving on the road. I like a little bit of everything with a tendency towards pop/alternative/60's rock. And Patrick's all over the music field. It's crazy, actually. Ask the man who Justin's first grade teacher was and he'll draw a blank. Ask him the name of the guitarist in some random band from 1972 and he'll whip it out along with a funny or amazing bit of trivia as a side dish.


Anyway, we're driving along and Led Zeppelin comes on. Remember, this is music that is well before either of our times, but we still like it. I can remember "discovering" the Doors, Zeppelin and other records in my dad's dusty collection and playing those records over and over on my trusty cassette/record STEREO. I was so rockin. I honestly knew that no one in the history of forever ever truly understood the innuendos and metaphors that Jim was drawing with his words. I even sketched picture after picture of Jim and bemoaned his inability to stay away from the drugs and alcohol! Sigh...

AS I WAS SAYING BEFORE, we're driving and Zeppelin is wailing away. Pat cranks up the volume and we are seriously banging our heads and rockin that Grand Prix OUT. Extremely Awesome and not at ALL embarrassing.

All the while our children are wailing as though they are IN PAIN.



From OUR MUSIC. Which is waaaaayyyy cooler than the music that MY parents forced ME to listen to! I mean, we were subjected to the 50's and early 60's songs oozing with saccharine love songs because it's her party and her boyfriend was kissing somebody and DAMNIT she's gonna cry if she damn well feels like it (actually, I kind of like that song). We are WAY COOLER than our parents were.




It's all repeating, isn't it? We are they and they are we and we are all together and I have become my Mother.*

*Love you Mom! You're totally cool. And if I have to turn into somebody, I am extremely lucky that it's you. Muwah.**

** That is TOTALLY not a brown-nose because Christmas is coming. Where do you get those ideas?


anymommy said...

The short answer? yes, it is. Yes, we are.

Manic Mommy said...

Yep. Mine tell me "it's not a singing day."

I have XM in our car. It's either on the 70s or The Next Wave, which is EXACTLY when I was in high school.

Carol Pavliska said...

Found you through mamapedia. Love it! But we ARE way cooler than our folks. Seriously. And I'm not just saying that to convince myself :). Of course, I'm probably a tad bit older than you...but my parents rocked out to Herb Albert and the sound of a trumpet still kind of makes me carsick. But anyway - I find that I am very musically compatible with my 16-year-old is stuck in a time warp and that helps (I've seen a lot of the bands that he listens to in concert). My 18-year-old introduces me to awesome alternative bands (what will I do when she leaves next year?) There was definitely a generation jump between my parents and me, but not as much of one between my own kids and me. I am the world's biggest Red Hot Chili Peppers devotee (fan is really too small of a word) so they do hate the Peppers but that is more on a matter of principle, of course. Anyway, glad I found you! said...

It's not a singing day... Hahahahahaha!! I love that.

Stacey: I bite my thumb at you.

Sardine Mama: I know I've read you before! Hola! And thanks. And you're right: I AM WAY COOLER.

sayed said...

..Great work! I look forward to reading this!

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