Monday, August 02, 2010

What are YOU proud of?

I was recently asked to submit a post that I was proud of.

"Proud of?" I bit my lip and held my breath.

Am I proud of anything in particular? If I had to choose one post that represents me, which would it be?

Good Lord! I've been writing here for over 4 years! How can I pick one post out of the 1097 that I've written? Some are horrendous. Some are sappy. Many are posted without much editing, thrown into the swirl of words that is the internet. Several are written at 2 am in the throes of an attack of insomnia. Picture posts, kiddy posts, whining-about-money-posts.

How do you define yourself in just one post?!?

I finally selected one that I am proud of. After submission, I realized that it would most definitely be thrilling to be chosen to read it, but not being selected won't negate my pride. And it led me to wondering...

What one post are you proudest of? What post defines who you are?

Would you care to share it? I'd love to read it. I'd love to share it, too.

So, here's the deal. Send me a link with the title of the post and name of your blog, and I'll make a list that I'll post on my site. Whatever strikes your fancy, whatever you want; just a post that may have gotten lost in your archives and deserves another chance in the spotlight. There's no ending date to the list; I'll update it as long as I receive your links.

I'll start with the post that I sent in for submission...

Immortality on the Internet by Tracey of Just Another Mommy Blog
Trauma by Deb of Not Inadequate
Toss that Stain Stick by Michelle of Honest and Truly
Tempting the Universe by Leslie of Raven's Rook
God Bless Us Every One by She's Just Another Manic Mommy
Breadcrumbs from the Incredible Weirdness of Being...
Reality by Issa from Issa's Crazy World
Uncle Marky also by Issa from Issa's Crazy World (because she just can't pick one and I've hugged her so it's ok...)
The Gerbil Chronicles by Sue from Our Little Corner
Five for Ten:Happiness by Stacia from Fluffy Bunnies
Gettysburg Family Jumps the Shark by Sue from Gettysburg Family
A Closed Hand is a Fist by Mike from Teacher Food

You're next!


Deb said...

Well, I'm not one to turn down the opportunity to talk about myself....

One of my favorite posts that I wrote (in my whole 3 months of being a blogger) is this one - because I just think it's funny.

Thanks, Tracey!

Michelle said...

Wow, that's really hard. But I love this idea! Go, Tracey!

I dug around in the archives for awhile and found this one. I'd almost forgotten about it:

And no, the pics don't do her justice.

Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

What a great idea for a post. Let me dig up my archives for a minute. :)

Manic Mommy said...

I LOVE this idea and will be scouring my blog for mine. I just went back and read yours. You have such reason to be proud.

I think I blog for validation in current times and a record for the future.

Star said...

What a cool idea!!

Ok, I did some digging, and came up with this one:

Manic Mommy said...

Okay, I found it. I don't know if it's my very favorite but I'm pretty proud of it:

Alexandra said...

I'm such a geek, but I'm most proud of all of them

No kidding.

*~(boom)~* said...

This was the best I could come up with, not because I'm proud but because the only time I truly like myself is when I am writing poetry...or thinking it out...or experiencing it.

This is a very neat idea. :) I remember the post you are most proud of. I loved it then, and I love it now.

Issa said...

I love this idea.

I have two. I hope that is okay. :)

Sue said...

I've always liked this one called "The Gerbil Chronicles" on my blog Our Little Corner.


Stacia said...

I was just going to spend a few minutes checking out what you've been up to before I headed to bed ... That was an hour ago! But I think I found the post I want:

"Happiness" by Fluffy Bunnies (

Gettysburg Mom said...

I don't know about proudest, but perhaps most reflective of my daily thinking.

Mike Rush said...

Okay, I'll bite. I've chosen something professional. I've got schmoozy stuff, but I found this one quickly and I like it. I've never stood up to the President of the United States before, especially one I voted for.

Mike Teacher Food

Mike Rush said...

Okay Tracey, I've got another one, a better one. You don't have to post this one. It can be just for you.


Sandra said...

I am proud of myself for being an Ageless mom!
I was almost hopeless about my beauty at this middle age. But thanks... Ageless helped me regain my lost confidence!

Love to share-!&id=4571776

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