Thursday, September 03, 2009


As if I don't have enough bills towering over my computer, I was bestowed with the honor of not one but TWO violations on my van today!!

Happy! Joy!

For what it's worth, in all of my years of driving in the good state of Illinois, I never knew that parking on the side of the road, facing the "wrong" way, was illegal.

Surprise! Because it IS! And it's a $10 fine.


Seriously. A $10 fine. Which is actually a big deal for us right now, so it's not even as amusing as it would have been a couple of years ago. It might have been funny in another 12 months, when we're in a much better spot than we're at right now. (I KNOW WE'LL BE BETTER. If I say it loud enough and often enough, it will come true.)

So FINE. A fine.

And that is how my pretty decent Thursday went sour.

Silver lining: At least they didn't tow me. Right?


Hannah said...

Ugh! Sorry about the parking fine. I don't actually know for sure if it's illegal to do that here in NZ, but I always thought it was. It probably isn't! Just goes to show how crazy it is when the rules aren't made clear. So sorry you got pinged :-( but glad you didn't get towed :-)

Leah said...

Ouch! Any amount of fine stinks. Anyway you can argue it?

Gettysburg Mom said...

It took all my effort and restraint to not kill my husband when he got a $150 speeding ticket in the midst of really, really, really poor days once. Luckily, it finally drove home the realty that he couldn't afford to drive fast anymore.

Sorry about your fine. Hang in there lady.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Oh boy, that sucks big beans. I did not know that either!

SabrinaT said...

For parking facing the wrong way? I guess the city must really need money! That is a new one to me.

Here if you get a ticket they stick it on your window, then you must drive to a police station pay the ticket and have them remove the sticker. You have 24 hours to pay up...

Me said...

It's $7 where I live. Our friend went out one morning and found a ticket for the same thing...Guess what? He was the only one ticketed out of 5 cars parked the "wrong" way. Yeah.

Good luck. Sorry about that :(

Debbie said...

That really sucks. And it makes me mad. They're ticketing you for that while serious crimes are taking place. Grrr. Perspective.

sheila said...

Yes, even a $10 fine these days sucks. That's like 3 boxes of cereal. Ughhhh.
(i'm catching up today, can ya tell? lol)

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