Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Always Something...

So this weekend will find us cramming all 3 growing children into the back of Pat's Grand Prix for an hour ride to a company picnic. I am actually THRILLED at this prospect as I haven't left the neighborhood once all week.

I haven't left the neighborhood all week because the Big Red Van is in a car repair shop in a small farming town about 3 hours West of our home.

Our Big Red Van is in B.F.E. because it broke down when Patrick was driving the kids to the wedding that I missed when I went to BlogHer instead. It broke down during a hail storm, to boot!

It's STILL at the shop because we are struggling so much financially that the difference between the new part and a used part was WORTH the wait. Sadly, the Big Red Van will be getting a NEW computer thingy because there aren't any used ones available. This is FABULOUS news in addition to the letter I just received from the IRS stating that we made a mistake in 2007 and must pay the government some magical, invisible money that we don't have.

And this is why I am happy. Happy to be squeezing into a small car and going to a free company picnic with hot dogs and softball and fresh air. Happy to be able to leave those stresses behind, if only for a few hours. Happy that my kids will be able to enjoy a bit of the fun of summer, since Mom and Dad have royally screwed up the finances.

A totally unrelated question:

Is this something I should be concerned about?
Unclear? Here's a close-up...
Corinne has taken to tying cords and belts around her stuffed animals and hanging them from random locations. "They like it, Mommy!" Suuuure. They LIKE being hung by their necks... I had to clarify, AGAIN, that she can NOT tie up our LIVING cats. EVER. This is an ongoing conversation in our home. One which I hope I pound into her little head before she murders our cats...


Jeni said...

Lol, unless she tries it out on the real animals I wouldn't be concerned. Chalk it up to the things kids do.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

She DOES try it out on the real cats. THAT'S the concern here!

Lis Garrett said...

I'm so sorry about your van and IRS troubles, Tracey. :-(

I hope the picnic does a little to lift your spirits!

PS - Bridget often takes her animals for a walk and, when she's done with them, hangs them on doorknobs. I wouldn't worry too much . . . just keep an eye on her. ;-)

Manic Mommy said...

I feel your pain. Gremlin is really enjoying the new puppy - dragging her out from under furniture by the foot when he's ready to play. Oy.

Have fun at the picnic!

Stephanie said...

I hope your afternoon is FABULOUS, and you can leave some of this stress behind for a little while.

Um, the stuffed animal thing? Hilarious to me! I wouldn't worry. If she says they like it then obviously she isn't trying to execute them. I think you're good.

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles; I hope things iron out soon. But really, things HAVE to get better because I think we are getting to a point where the only way to go is up. Huh. I guess that wasn't as uplifting as I thought it would be now that I see it in black and white. Well. This too shall pass.

Gettysburg Mom said...

Company picnics rock. When I was still working in upstate NY, the hotel had them twice a year, and they were always a good time. More fun for families than the singles perhaps.

I let the girls do whatever to their stuffed animals, in the hope that it will somehow protect the cats. This approach doesn't always work. I had to put the cat in the bathtub last week to wash off half a bottle of bubbles Greeley had dumped on her back. Washing a cat is always a good time!

CaraBee said...

"Poor little guy. Probably kept up with you for a mile or so. Do you know what the penalty for animal cruelty is in this state?"
"Well it's probably pretty stiff."

Sorry just had a National Lampoon's Vacation moment.

CaraBee said...

Oh, and have a GREAT time at the picnic!

the mama bird diaries said...

If I was one of your cats, I would maybe go on a vacation for a couple weeks. For safety sake.

mom2three said...

yep money does suck...and my kids do the same things with their animals...and eachother with their Daddy's ties!
The picture is hilarious!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Um, the tying up of animals, probably just a phase...I hope!

and crummy on the van and the IRS...hope the picnic was a nice oasis for you!

Christina said...

Having gone through an entire year of that kind of bad luck, I can say I know how you feel.

It sucks, and I hope things turn around for you quickly. Things are just starting to turn around for us, but we had another big money set-back this week, too.

I'm hoping they find a used part for you quickly!

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