Friday, June 26, 2009

Rum and Coke.

Actual post from my Facebook profile:

Is it just me,or is the man's voice on "Bejeweled Blitz" really appealing? "ONE MINUTE. GOooOOOoo..." And then, when you're doing well? He COMPLIMENTS you! And the voice is so deep and resonating, that you turn the volume up to make the air vibrate around you even though it draws the kids into the room asking "What is that noise?" And you're all "QUIET!!!! I'm trying to break my record! Sparkly jewels! Porno voice! " Just me?

(Just in case the post below was too depressing.)

This is what I actually type on Facebook. This is the kind of update that regularly occupies the profile of my full name. Little Mini-posts (like Twitter! Only they last longer! And I understand the layout better!) about lightning bugs, liquerererer (how you spell? hic.) and my sleeping habits. RIVETING stuff.

The site that has former teachers, parents of my Cub Scouts, and my mother-in-law reading (Hi Gerry!). I actually write this stuff down and leave it out there for all the world to see and remember.

All class.

This proves that I will most definitely embarrass myself at BlogHer this year. Without a doubt. But going into it, expecting to make a fool of myself, is a bit liberating! It's ok! I'm that blogger who gets off on the Bejeweled guy!

That said, I need your comments, people. I want to know each and every one of you who are going to be at BlogHer in some shape or form. Come out, come out! Wherever you are! I am going to be busy this weekend, so I fully expect to see lots of little voices below telling me who's going, who's stopping by, and whose heart is broken that they can't meet me in person because they love me to pieces. I want my list of faces to be looking for. And I want it NOW.

Commence with comments.


Gucci Mama said...

My heart is broken because I can't meet you and I love you to pieces.

anymommy said...

Okay, well, you already know this and we've already squealed and chatted and I can't wait to see you in person, but still, I have to say:

ME! ME! I'm lucky enough to be going and you're going to be there.

KMR said...

ok...seriously? that is my mother to a tee. she LOVES that game and LOVES the sound of that dude's voice. Me? annoyed. I just read her your post and she almost fell on the floor she was laughing so hard. Tracy, meet your newest blog reader, my mother. My mother, met your new favorite blogger Tracey.

You are so funny!

Marie said...


I'll never make it to a Blogher. But I will enjoy it vicariously through all of you people, as I lament that I will not be meeting you in person because I luv ya to pieces!!!

Laski said...

Bummed I won't be there. I may be giving birth instead. That's a good excuse, right???

Babe in Babeland said...

Sadly, I will not be there! Hopefully next year. This blogging world is a bit new to me, so I didn't even know about the conference until everyone started talking about it. I'm learning the ropes! And next year, hopefully I can attend...and I will be excited to meet you!

CaraBee said...

I am hugely behind, as you know, so I didn't see this post until just now, but I am TOTALLY with you on the bejeweled guy! In fact, I was telling my best friend that very thing the other day and she was like, okay, crazy.

I am going to Blogher!! I can't wait! Are you going to the People's Party? What sessions are a can't miss for you? said...

I am probably going to the People's party, in addition to a Chicago moms Blog party. I'll see where they are in conjunction with each other. Which sessions? Hahahahaha! That would mean I am organized right now. I am not organized right now.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I am so so happy I met you and got to hang out with you at BlogHer! You are super-fun and I will definitely be stalking you next year, too :-)

And the Bejewelled guy? Totally sexy voice. Makes the game even more addictive, that dirty, dirty bastard. Rawr.

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