Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday ramblings and a cookie winner

The Khaya Cookie winner is....

Why do I look drunk?


I swore a bit last night when my plans to pack and clean got interrupted by my second tv/reality contest show. The one I love (could it be) even more than Idol... So You Think You Can Dance? Holy balls, the dancers are phenomenal. I mean, ANYone can get onto American Idol, technically. Most people can carry a tune and you don't HAVE to have professional training to get on the show. But SYTYCD? These people train their entire lives for opportunities like this show. And the things their bodies can do!! Amazing.

So, my bathrooms remain unscrubbed (which, ew. They realllllly need it. As in, I have 2 boys who get distracted when they pee BAD.). And the bag of clothes remains an "idea" that will materialize sometime after schooltime today.


The weather has been gorgeous lately. So much so that my kids were actually on the neighbor's slip and slide a few days ago! So lovely that we have been outside, getting absolutely filthy, every moment we can. Can you see the dirt on their feet, shirts and faces?

I dunked them in a vat of soap last night. Not that it'll make any difference since they'll just go back to the swingset, pour cups of water onto the hard dirt and make mud puddles to splash in and swing over. And then they'll head to the sandbox and make "cakes" all over the yard, dribbling gooey sand onto the drying mud on their legs.

It's like a regular spa in my backyard!


the mama bird diaries said...

My kids have the dirtiest feet in the summer!!

Daisygirl said...

I love so you think you can dance!!! It is my favorite show of the summer! The last 2 dancers were my favs...they are who I am pulling for(they were also in last seasons show for a couple weeks) it!!!!

beth - total mom haircut said...

Did that start already? Did I miss the first show? Boo!

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