Saturday, April 25, 2009

It CAN be easy to be green...

Hey y'all. (No. I'm not Southern, but it sounded appropriate today. Not sure why...)

I'm raising my throbbing head from my pillow to let you all know about a product I recently reviewed. The words may not be nuggets of gold as my stomach AND head are equally battling for my attention, but the products are definitely worth considering.

SeaYu is a company that provides eco-friendly cleaning products for pet owners. I gratefully tested out their litter box odor eliminator and, actually? It works. Really well, especially considering the fact that cleaning the litter box in our house is not at the top of our lists of "things to do before they get disgusting." Generally, our laundry room smells less than lovely. After spraying (and cleaning. Yuck.) I found that it didn't cover the scent up but eliminated it. It didn't smell all flowery and sickly sweet. The laundry room simply smelled like, well, AIR.

Browse around their site and check out the other products available. You can use this code CGB2009001 for $2.00 off any product!

Now please excuse me as I need to rest my aching body before the big March of Dimes walkathon tomorrow. Any last minute donations you feel like contributing??

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anymommy said...

Hope the walk is going well and you are feeling better.

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