Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Team Tiny Feet 2009

This post comes to you via an old friend. She and I met when our first boys were only 4 months old. After years of playgroups, and kids growing up, we don't get to see each other much, but she is an incredibly dedicated mother to four. She has somehow found the extra time to dedicate much of herself to the March of Dimes.

Please, read her story. If you can help, please donate what you can. If you cannot donate, see if you can help direct traffic to her walkathon team's site.

Hello Friends and Family,
I want to start off by saying Thank you for the support you've shown our family in our Annual March for Babies team Team Tiny Feet. Our team is inspired by Hanna and Rachel in support of the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes volunteers raised the much needed money that allowed Hanna and Rachel to survive their extremely early arrival. It's our turn to give our support to those new families that are facing the same struggles our family faced and continue to face as a result of Prematurity.
Our team fundraising has been off to a very good start, but we're not there yet. We are still down from our goal, and we need your help.
We need your help so that no family has to be separated for 92 days. This is the total number of days our family was separated while Hanna and Rachel were in the NICU.

We need your help so that no parent has to sit and watch their baby struggle to breathe.

We need your help so that no parent has to sit and watch their baby, rather than cuddle with their baby because their nervous system is too delicate to tolerate touch.

We need your help so that no family has to face chronic illness, and multiple re-hospitalizations as a result of Prematurity. Hanna suffered from chronic lung complications and was readmitted into the PICU multiple times due to illness.. illness that a full term baby would likely have had the immune system to fight off.

We need your help so that no family has to face lifelong complications, a result of prematurity. Rachel will battle with Epilepsy, Autism, and multiple other disorders due to her Premature arrival for the rest of her life.

We need your help so that no family has to say good bye to their precious child before that child has had the chance to live.
Please consider supporting Team Tiny Feet. Lace up those tennis shoes,and allow other families the chance for their dreams to come true, as ours have with Hanna and Rachel.

We are asking that if you are able to please make a $97 donation....$1 for each day Hanna and Rachel arrived too soon, too sick, and too tiny. If you are unable to make that donation, any donation will be greatly appreciated.

You can join our team and walk with us on Sunday, April 26th in Downtown Naperville. If you are unable to walk with us please consider making a donation to our team.
You can watch our journey by clicking on the following link:
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Karri & Kirk
Ian, Hanna, Rachel & Will
Help Give Every Baby A Healthy Start

I will be walking for the first time this year. Won't you help me reach my goal?


Yellow Beads said...

what a great cause!!

Allison said...

Wonderful that you will be walking this year. what a terrific story too. Good luck to all

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