Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm not picking favorites!!

I'm not. I swear. But for lack of a meaningful Thanksgiving weekend post (yes, I realize it's Tuesday. We have a 5 day weekend. I won't be on much.) I will be linking to some of my favorite bloggers I'd love to meet.

And now, in no particular order:

Jamie from All Things Avery... I've been reading about Jamie and her sweet girl since Avery was just a wee baby. She's a genuinely nice person who even designed the cool header of my blog... just cuz she's cool like dat.

Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes... Michelle is another cyberfriend that I would love to meet. Her daughter, Kayla, has unknowingly become Corinne's cyberfriend, too. She's also pregnant with baby #2 while her hubby is in Iraq. He's halfway through his tour, so send her some good wishes for his safe return and her healthy pregnancy.

Type Little A - I don't know that she publicly uses her real name, so I'll just say that IF we both get to go to BlogHer '08, I'm holding her to her promise of rooming together. Also, she's funny. Very, very funny.

Kristy from Here in Idaho - Not that she knows who I am, really, but she CRACKS. ME. UP. Seriously, this woman is hysterical. Click over there right now and come back and tell me how funny she is. Weird, but funny.

Ruby from Mother in Mourning - because I'd like to give her a real hug instead of a cyber one.

Christina from A Mommy Story - Her daughters are adorable, first of all, and I know what it's like to have a high maintenance first born. Totally hugging Christina, too.

Beck from Frog and Toad are still Friends - I just love her wittiness, her friendly tone and her take on life. Again, I am attracted to people that are caring and genuine.

Ok. I'm gonna stop now cuz Evan is attacking his sister and I am staaaarving, but to those I didn't list, this was just a quickie post. I have 77 Bloglines feeds, for crying out loud, and I'd love to meet at least 72 of them (the other 5 I have to delete still, cuz they have either gotten mean or have just lost my interest...). :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Beck said...

You know what? I only know Michelle, Kristy and myself on your list - but I really love Michelle and Kristy. THanks for including me!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Oh boy, I have no where near 77 feeds and I would have a hard time selecting fave's... great list and if I ever have free time, I will check them out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

ps I hope I am not a mean one :-)

tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

Kami, I was so TOTALLY thinking of you. :)

SydneyDawn said...

Thanks for posting some good links. I always enjoy adding new people to my list of reads.

Type (little) a aka Michele said...

AWWW! Thanks!! And I am not clicking ANY of these links until the weekend. I read far too many!!

Happy Thanksgiving, roomie

Kristi Harrison said...

I'm NOT WEIRD. Ok...a little bit. But only in a good way, right?


Thanks for the linky love :)

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words! Brought a smile to my face and I would love to meet you one day as well! I'm sure Kayla would have a blast with Corinne!

Christina said...

Aw, thank you so much for including me in your list! Hugs right back at you.

And, you know, I'll be in Chicago (well, Elgin) in January for a weekend. I can always use company when out shopping. Just sayin'. :)

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