Tuesday, September 25, 2007

simple and sweet

By Evan:

Mommy, when you're married, can you only sleep with one man?

(huh? WHERE did that one come from???)

Ooooh!!! I got it just in the kick of time!!


Rinny, you look so beeeeutiful!! What a pretty princess! (when she puts on her princess dresses)

Mommy, I sure did miss you... (awwwww)

Not monumentally hysterical or unusual, but just things that I didn't want to lose to time... you know?


painted maypole said...

love the funny things they say and do. :)

Beck said...

Kids are funny!

Melissa said...

That's why I love blogging... I can record it and share it with others, but mostly it is written somewhere so I don't forget!

Mike said...

My 4-year old and 2-year old sometimes play with their stuff dog, Sparky Marky. They feed him pretend and wipe his pretend poop.



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