Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Poor Charlotte...

Ok, it's about 5 am, and it's raining, AGAIN, and I'm up AGAIN, and I just thought I'd say that this stinks. Justin had soccer practice in the muddy fields yesterday, and Corinne and Evan had the time of their lives running in the squishy grass. Especially since they've been cooped up for about a week, now. The rain just won't stop!!!

Last night, I went to school for kindergarten orientation for the parents. Basically, just a list of stuff for new parents. No biggie. The big deal, though? When I came home and was clearing the kitchen a bit and saw, in the light of the kitchen door, a brown recluse spider having a field day webbing itself back and forth in the doorway!! (well, maybe. I looked at the pictures again, and it's unclear for sure...)

Ok. A brown recluse won't kill you. Most likely, it'll just make you have a bad reaction with a painful bite area. BUT. I have 3 kids, one which is a baby, and 2 cats that, although they annoy the shit out of me, I don't want to get bitten by a poisonous spider either.

So. I yell for Patrick to come get it. It's BIG, people. BIG. He, of course, is not wanting to kill the spider, just to relocate it. You know, like down by the fenceline or somewhere. Yeah, like by the swingset or other places that it can bite my kids, anyway. And make lots and lots of baby spiders. We actually had an argument over whether or not he was going to squish it or not! Seriously! I threatened him that if he didn't kill it, I was leaving the house. I couldn't handle it. I LOVE that he loves animals and respects life. BUT. When I am reaching a frenzy over the presence of an insect, and just want it to be gone, do not suggest transplanting said insect into another location that I will surely encounter it again. Also, Evan is verrrry scared of spiders (not my fault! I swear!) and was crying at this point. I told him, that if it was that important, to drive the spider to the woods or somewhere, but do NOT place it anywhere in our neighborhood as there are little kids everywhere.

My hubby committed spidercide for me last night. And the LOOK he gave me!!! Ooooohhhh!!! He wasn't happy with me, and actually asked for forgiveness for me from the spider and God.


Crazed Nitwit said...

Spidercide. I love it! My teens now take care of spiders. My 16yo found this 3 inch spider in the shower yesterday, he caught it, showed it to us all then he killed it. Biggest sucker I've ever seen.

Brown recluse can cause tissue death and amputation with their bites. Def. worth killing.

I hope your day gets better soon!

New Mama's Nest said...

Spidercide! I will not kill creatures myself, just relocate them, but we developed a bit of fruit fly problem (love those farmers markets!) and I've really had to rethink that!

painted maypole said...

i am impressed by patrick's love of life, but I have to side with you on this one. when we lived in CA I killed a multitude of black widows that took up residence in our garage. Never IN the house though, thankfully. First time I saw one I thought for sure I would keel over dead if I was bitten (these are the things you grow up believing in the midwest.)

Melissa said...

We have black widows. Lots and lots of black widows. I have no problem killing them. None what-so-ever. I don't care if they won't kill me. I don't want to be ill either. If they are in close proximity, they are goners. Maybe your hubby should pray for me too

Dana said...

YUCK! We found a giant black widow last night. It was outside though. Hubby killed it though.....with kids and pets, I don't want anyone bit.

Also, just wanted to clarify things on our school issue. CA is not wacky like it sounds. We have different school districts and if you live in that area, your kids can attend that school if you like. We live in one town with one crummy school and I send my kids to the next district with the great schools. It's an interdistrict transfer and it means we ALWAYS are on pins and needles, never knowing for sure which school my kids will get into IF they get into one. Sometimes there's just no room for them. It sucks big time but the school is SO worth it. AND we can't afford to just move into the correct area....Hope this makes sense.

bon said...

All over a wonky, nasty spider!

Actually, the Navajo believe it is bad luck to kill a spider in the house... but they don't have Hobo spiders around the rez either, do they?

I would have killed it in a hot second though... I'm not Navajo, and I agree with your reasoning 100%!

Miss Hope said...

I had to kill a snake last year. First time I've had to kill a living creature. It was the snake or my small son who is afraid of nothing. No contest. Is it too late to pray for it?

Jamie said...

It's hard to kill things sometimes! Except flies... those are just nasty. And scary spiders that threaten your children, those can go too.

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