Monday, June 04, 2007

Just wanted to mention that we will be at DisneyWorld about a year after the 4 year old boy died on Mission Space. This little boy has stayed in my mind throughout the year... how horrific for the family! To not only lose your child, but in such a drastic and confusing situation? In a different state, with a huge corporation helping you and protecting themselves... I cannot imagine the guilt I would feel (though it would OBVIOUSLY not be the family's fault!) for taking him on a ride that was too intense for him. Obviously, they had no idea if he had a health condition. If so, he wouldn't have ridden! But.....

So, I hope for peace for that family. I hope that they know that their son DID have a huge effect on people. And that he didn't live/die in vain.

My children will NOT ride the harsher version of Mission Space (they've since added a mild version). And I will be extra dilligent about enforcing the safety rules of every ride.


Ruby said...

I didn't even know this had happened. I read the article in your link. Terrible. All I could think of is the broken hearts of his parents. Especially his Mom. The guilt she must feel along with grief. Just so sad.

By the way, thank you, friend.

Anonymous said...

Uck. That is so sad. I remember hearing about that. It makes me nervous to ride on rides because of things like that.

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