Monday, June 04, 2007

School's. Out. For. Summer!!

Summer vacation is upon us. I may not post for a few months...

So far: trip to McD's to celebrate summer - got stormed on with suspicious clouds forming weird shapes. No tornado, thankfully. DID manage to spill an entire Coke in the van when Justin abandoned me with the bag of food, drinks and baby in the pouring rain.

Kids are playing video games (it IS raining) and watching tv. Am I slacking ALREADY?!?



Ruby said...

12 DAYS YAY!!! Oh, wait...I'm not going am I? Well, yay for you anyway.

I hope you have a GREAT time and take lots of pictures (to post.)

Justin, c'mon now, give Mom a hand will ya. I mean she did BUY the stuff, could you help carry it?

Not slacking. Relaxing (keeping your sanity.)

P.S. Thanks for your comment. You are so thoughtful!

Tonya said...

You'll have to let us know how Florida was!!!

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